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What Exactly Does Connect 2 Your Pet Include and Entail?

Connect 2 Your Pet believes that each animal is individual connecting with their personality and soul on a deeper level. Coming into contact with animals each day is a joyful experience and one not to be taken for granted.


Connect 2 Your Pet offers a variety of healing and wellbeing services to animals ranging from Animal Healing, Animal Communication, K9 Relax Massage, Dog Walking, Petsitting & Cat feeding

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Animal Healing with Macerated Oils

Animal Communication

HAOK9 Relax Massage

Why me?

Connect 2 Your Pet is an experienced & professional business which has been running since 2011. Connect 2 Your Pet has looked after many animals. Firstly for friends and then for family.  Connect 2 Your Pet is qualified with a First Aid Certificate, DBS Checked and fully insured with Balens and Cliverton Insurance.








My name is Jude Dickinson, I live in Eastbourne. I love animals and wildlife and undoubtedly respect them as I have always connected with them very easily. Growing up I shared my world with Gerbils, Guinea pigs, a cat named Misha and 4 Yorkshire Terriers. A few years on I worked for the R.S.P.C.A and then the Cats Protection League.

Wanting to stretch my natural healing skills further I completed my Reiki 1 & 2 and my Reiki Masters and adopted two hamsters.

In 2018 I graduated as a Professional Animal Healer from the Healing Animals Organisation and qualified as a Small Animal Sensory & Food Enrichment practioner and HAO K9 Massage practioner.

I believe in giving back and so will travel and volunteer outside the U.K for animal rehabilitation work with the Healing Animals Organisation for charities such as Dali Dog Rescue, Tala Cat Monastery in Cyprus and The Blue Moon Sanctuary in Egypt. I have raised funds for Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer, Sussex by either Abseiling down a 115ft Cliff top, Walking the O2 Dome or Flying a Glider Plane! I also attend a monthly animal healing circle.

Whichever service you decide to book I very much look forward to connecting with you and your animal.

Pet Owner Reviews

“Thank you for the healing you gave my cat Lucky. He had been suffering with diabetes which meant we had to inject him twice a day. The day after your first healing, he went spontaneously into remission and the vet reduced the level of insulin by one unit. The same thing happened two weeks later. If he carries on like this, it looks as if his body is healing and no longer being out of balance. I can’t thank you enough!”

S.S, Eastbourne

“Jude drew auras for both my dogs today and it was fascinating – especially as she saw a green orb around my collie’s nose and said he uses his nose a lot, he is lead by his nose. I hadn’t told her he was born blind and deaf! The auras are quite different for the two dogs and certainly relate to their characters. Accurate, informative and amazing!

Ms B, Worthing

“Thank you Jude for the animal healing session you did with Kruger before Guy Fawkes Night -she was definitely less scared with the noise and seemed calmer and more relaxed.”

B.S, Brighton

Thank you for all your help and support over the last few months regarding Jorge – you came into our lives for a reason”

H.I, Eastbourne

“Jude had stayed in our house for 2 weeks – dog and hamster sitting! Jude is very professional right from the start, very thorough about getting all the facts about your animals and your house. She came on walks with me before we left and I felt very confident. We loved seeing posts about her walks and our two dogs and even a video of the hamster to reassure my son she was ok. The dogs got lots of exercise and were very happy. The house was all great on our return too. Really excellent service – highly recommend.”

E.P, Eastbourne

“We got home and Filey told us she’s had a great time, thanks for that, and thanks too for looking after the house. A happy dog and a happy house. We couldn’t ask for more!”

T. Butterworth, Eastbourne

“Jude came to look after my 15 1/2 year old dog Molly in May. Molly had not been too good but was improving at the time. Jude was brilliant with her looking after her, giving her healing, walking her and making sure Molly well looked after and loved and cared for.

Jude looked after the house with care and love as well. I can’t praise her enough and have already booked her for more weeks when I am away.”

B.G, Eastbourne

“We came home and delighted to read Popeye’s weekly diary, how kind of you to let us know about his weekly adventures, it was so reassuring to read his diary and learn about his week, it made us feel as though we had spent the week with him, how clever and considerate of you to do it for us, thank you”.

S.W, Eastbourne


Pet Sitting

Everyone has to have a holiday now and then or if you are going away on business you can be assured that your pet and home will be securely looked after by an experienced trustworthy pet sitter, your animal will be able to feel more at ease when someone is at home with them, cutting out all the stress or guilt of leaving your pet in a cattery or kennel environment, they will be in capable and caring hands of someone who has good, valid animal experience.

All pet and house sitting services will be situated in the owners’ home as Connect 2 Your Pet does not home board animals.

Feel free to discuss any of your pets needs and book a free consultation meeting.

Cat Feeding

Connect 2 Your Pet will happily visit your home for one or two visits a day for your cat or kitten.  Whilst visiting Connect 2 Your Pet will refresh water, food and clean litter trays as well as encourage play and cuddle time. The total visit time will be half hour per visit, excellent for feline’s who like lots of attention. A radio can be left on for company such as Classic FM. Specific lights can be switched on ready as the evening draws in and your cat’s favourite bedding can be tidied up together with their favourite treat so that they are left contented and cared for.

One to One Dog Walking

Connect 2 Your Pet offers a Dog Walking Service in and around Eastbourne and East Dean Areas and is professional, reliable, conscientious. Connect 2 Your Pet has had experience in walking all different sizes of dogs with all various types of temperaments.

Dogs are walked on a one-one basis only unless you have a pair of dogs that you would like to be exercised together, Connect 2 Your Pet will be happy to accommodate.

Connect 2 Your Pet will ensure that your canine will be taken for its routine walk in the allocated time you have requested.

After each walk, water bowls will be refreshed, a radio can be left on for company such as Classic FM. Specific lights can be switched on ready for the evening and your dogs favourite bedding can be tidied up together with their favourite treat so that your dog is left contented and cared for.

After each walk, a log book will be written into letting you know about your pets’ adventures. That way, it is reassuring for you that their welfare has been taken care of.

Animal Healing with Macerated Oils

All animals benefit from healing whether they are in front of you or from a distance, healing supports them regardless of their condition or illness. The healing sessions will work on a holistic and therapeutic whole and will include looking at their environment, food, family life ect in a non-judgemental way. Healing is safe and natural which helps promotes calmness, peace and deep relaxation for the animal. Like us, animals have different needs and wants and each session will be unique for them. The initial session will take up to 1-3 hours so please put aside a morning, afternoon or evening for this to take place. As an HAO healer advice will be offered to allow the guardian to make an informed choice of how best to support their animal.

Follow up visits are continued and Connect-2yourpet is available with any questions or if you just want to talk over something.

Connect2yourpet will never diagnose nor is the healing work a substitute for vetinary attention. If you at anytime are concerned with your animal(s) illness or physical wellbeing then your vet is your first point of call. Please obtain consent from your vetinarian before the first healing appointment starts.

Offering Macerated Oils

Our Hedgerows are deeply rooted in our national consciousness and they help stitch together the fabric of our landscape to create a wonderful patchwork quilt of plants and flowers, full of colour, creating a scene of physical beauty and food to forage from.

Hydrosols and Macerated oils are partly made up of the natural organic flowers & herbs that can be found in your own back garden. Before the healing sessions begin these eight oils are offered to the animal so that they can self-select for themselves as part of their own physical & emotional healing. They include Rosehip, Calendula, Chickweed, Catnip, Seaweed, Nettle, Linseed & Mint.

As a professional HAO healer, I can offer advice and allow the guardian and your animal to make an informed choice when they are offered on a self-selection basis or as a food supplement as part of a balanced diet.

If your animal suffers from any stomach conditions such as Colitis or Pancreatitis then no macerated oil will be offered. Please consult your vet first if you have any concerns or queries.

Animal Communication

This is a two way intuitive language. It can be useful in many ways, such as finding out your animal’s likes and dislikes, just from sitting with them in the same room or tuning into them from a single photograph. Are you are wanting to know about their general wellbeing? Their health or just asking why do they do that certain behaviour? You can even find out what your pets own perceived role is within the family unit.

Connect 2 Your Pet has been communicating with animals since 2011 and still find it fascinating to this day what they have to say on their wants, needs and expressing their opinions from their world. Animals have been communicated with from all over the world from the Netherlands, Italy, U.S.A, Egypt and Cyprus. No matter what country they reside in Animal Communication gives the animal a chance to ‘have a voice’ sent intuitively through feelings, words, pictures or sounds and acts as a form of support and reassurance for them. Once an animal has been communicated with an animal, their behaviour is calmer and serene. It can be invaluable to them knowing that they have been understood and heard to what their needs and wants are.

Jude will also tune in to see what your pets’ aura is like and explain the meanings behind the wonderful range of colours that they have within their aura.

So if you would like to know and understand your animal on a much deeper level contact me here for a reading.

Relax HAOK9 Canine Massage

Relax HAOK9 Canine massage is designed in a complementary way to aid a dog’s general well being. Using a serious of warm-up techniques & massage strokes.

Relax HAOK9 Canine massage encompasses a holistic, professional soothing approach in supporting and helping canines with physical, psychological and wellbeing needs and conditions.

Relax HAOK9 Canine Massage can benefit your dog with issues such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, spondolosis, mobility issues, help reduce anxiety/stress around firework night and much more. It is also excellent for senior dogs who have stiff, achy joints. Relax HAOK9 Canine massage is designed in a complementary way to improve and aid recovery. A Relax HAOK9 Canine massage session can also be catered for felines.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons advised that vets do not need to give consent for massage to be carried out if it’s a ‘maintenance treatment’, only in cases where an animal is sick or injured and they have examined the animal first.

Therefore every animal client I work with must have a completed and signed HAO Diploma consultation form for energy healing and or massage and from conducting this initial preparation/interview, I will then be able to ascertain whether I can conduct a maintenance massage session.

Where there is a health condition, or undiagnosed ailment a vet consent needs to be gained as normal. If you are at all concerned about the health of your canine please visit & consult a vetinarian first.

Some examples of offering a maintenance massage include:

  • A canine client has already been treated for energy healing and communication and it’s now in the 2nd or 3rd session and is ready to move onto a massage session.
  • A canine client is in a healing session and I intuitively feel they need to facilitate into a massage session in combination with the healing.
  • Dogs who are active and healthy with agility/dog training who would benefit from touch therapy.
  • A canine who is registered with a vet and is a senior 17yrs old, healthy with diagnosed long time chronic arthritis, is in good health and can benefit from touch therapy.
  • A rescue canine who is 7yrs old, healthy, with no apparent health issues who would benefit from touch therapy.
  • A rescue dog 10yrs old, healthy, with diagnosed chronic arthritis in right hip and weak cruciate left hind who could benefit from touch therapy.
  • Putting together a series of ongoing regular sessions with a canine client:

Week 1: Healing and communication

Week 2: Massage

Week 3: Sensory enrichment

Blog, Hints & Tips

This section is about everything you need to know about blog updates, hints and tips that can help your pet holistically and conventionally and the benefits and information it can do to support your pet

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